Bridal Shower Games & Ideas

Bridal shower games and ideas galore! Looking to host a memorable bridal or wedding shower? You'll find some great ideas and unique shower games here. Get the party going and keep it going with this great selection of bridal shower games and ideas!

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Bridal Shower Games & Ideas:

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Bridal Shower Karaoke

Delivery Method: Printable

If this game doesn't liven up the party, nothing will! Put some players on stage as they try to get their team to guess the titles of these love songs! Easy instructions and 25 song cards included. A great bridal shower game idea!

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Bridal Shower Bingo Collection

Delivery Method: Printed

14 Versions Included! An all time favorite, bingo continues to be a popular bridal shower game for guests young and old! Everyone knows the objective and everyone wants to win. A perfect shower game idea!

What's so great about this Bingo Collection?

  • Can be played with any size group.
  • Players young and old know how to play.
  • Allows you to have as many winners as desired.
  • Print as many different cards as needed using our unique card creator.
  • Various designs to choose from.
  • Each colorful card prints on one letter size page.

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Who's Who Wedding Questionnaire

Delivery Method: Printable

How well do guests really know each other? Guests answer some "wedding questions", then everyone tries to guess who belongs to each questionnaire. "What would you wear on your honeymoon?, "Men are...", etc. Get them talking with this fun shower game idea!

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Bridal Shower Trivia Quiz

Delivery Method: Printable

What is the average age a woman marries? Who should propose the toast at the wedding? Find out who can answer these bridal shower trivia questions! A crowd-pleasing bridal shower game idea!

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Bridal Jeopardy

Delivery Method: Printed

This game can be easily modified to meet your needs. Groups compete against each other (or put a few individuals on the stand) as they try to state the question to these wedding related answers! Two categories with 10 questions in each are provided. A shower game idea for all those jeopardy fans!

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Hearts Bridal Shower Name Tag

Delivery Method: Printable

Help your guest remember names easily with name tags! Print as many of these as you need minutes from now. Use label paper for quick stick! More name tag styles here

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Bridal Shower Planning Kit

Delivery Method: Printable

Need Help Planning the Shower?

Get tons of resources and ideas to help give a great party. Includes tons of game activities, recipes, planning forms and an online shower resource guide with gift ideas and more!

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Deluxe Bridal Shower Collection

This item can be printed right after you order!

This collection of printable bridal shower games and items includes our entire library of everything in our printable bridal shower category. More than 200 games, invitations, name tags, place mats and activities for bridal showers! You are paying less than 10 cents per item when you buy this collection! Titles of Items Included

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