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Bridal shower games make the party! Get your shower started and keep it going with funny bridal shower games! Hosting a bridal shower? Our exclusive and unique bridal shower games will keep your crowd in the party mood.

Bridal shower games will get the party started and keep it going!

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Your wedding was perfect, the groom was a hottie!

Fast forward a decade now who do you see?

For better or's your Mystery Hubby!

Mystery Hubby!

Guest will burst-out laughing as they scratch-off their hubby card to reveal a "stud" or a "dud." There are some real "winners" and losers in this deck of mystery hubbies.

The games includes 16 cards - 15 losing "dud" card and 1 winning "stud" card.

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Mystery Hubby! is also available in a printable version you can print & play now!

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"Pin the "Manhood" on
the Man!"

Blindfolded players pin the "manhood" on the man! This game is so hilarious - even the most "proper" guest will have fun playing. The curtain is pulled back to reveal all in this giggle-inducing game!

This print & play game prints in four sections from your printer! "Manhood" cut-out pieces also included with options for modest or racy game pieces to accommodate your crowd.

Hubba! Hubba!

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Bridal Shower Scratch Off Cards

Delivery Method: Shipped

Who's waiting for the bride at the alter? A frog? A nerd? Or some other funny undesirable character? Who will get the winning card... the handsome Prince Charming? Designed like lotto cards, each set comes with 25 game cards (24 losing cards and 1 winning card). A shower game everyone can play!

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Trivia Bridal Shower Game Sheet

Bridal Shower Trivia Quiz

Delivery Method: Printable

What is the average age a woman marries? Who should propose the toast at the wedding? Find out who can answer these bridal shower trivia questions! Get the party going with this fun shower game.

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The Wedding Song Game

Delivery Method: Printable

Find out who knows their wedding songs as players try and complete the titles of these most popular tunes played at weddings! A great bridal shower ice-breaker.

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You get 45 colorful lavender and yellow unique cards printed with a gift item in each box. Players mark off each item as the guest of honor opens each gift. First to get Bingo wins! Gifts include towels, blender, coffee maker, iron, toaster, crystal, gift certificate, utensils, china, and more. The perfect bridal shower game for all ages!

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Romantic Movies Word Scramble

Delivery Method: Printable

Movie goers will love this game as they race to unscramble the titles of 25 big screen love stories, from Gone with the Wind to Titanic. Get your guest talking with this fun bridal shower game!

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My Candy Bar Wedding Night

Delivery Method: Printable

Funny, funny, funny! Players must use the candy bar names listed to write a story about the bride and groom's wedding night! Names include Whoppers, Whatchamacallit, Sugar Daddy, Runts, and more. Players then read their stories aloud. This is a hilarious bridal shower game!

One of our top sellers! If you want funny,you can't go wrong with this one.

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Bridal Picture Word Puzzle

Delivery Method: Printable

Players will love trying to figure out what popular wedding term or phrase can be found in each of these picture puzzles!
Print this game just minutes from now! A great bridal shower game for teams!

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Name That Spice Game

Delivery Method: Printable

This game is an old classic that's been around a long time. Now you can add a polished touch by using these designed pages with the game! Place 10 different spices into separate bowls. Number each and have players write down what they think each spice is. A fun bridal shower game for all ages!

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Deluxe Bridal Shower Collection

This item can be printed right after you order!

This collection of printable bridal shower games and items includes our entire library of everything in our printable bridal shower category. More than 200 games, invitations, name tags, place mats and activities for bridal showers! You are paying less than 10 cents per item when you buy this collection! Titles of Items Included

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