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Bridal shower games make the party fun! Get your bridal shower party started with fun bridal shower games and party ideas! Bridal shower plans in your future? Don't forget the shower games to get the party started! From wild bachelorette parties to casual coed barbeques and everything in-between, today's bridal showers are all about fun!

Find the perfect bridal shower game for your shower guest and bride-to-be here!

Bridal Shower Games & More:

Forget the Same Old Bridal Shower Games! We have a selection of original shower games you'll only find here!

  • Mystery Hubby Game!
    Every groom is prince charming but fast forward a decade now who do you see? For better or worse...
    it's your mystery hubby! Fun breaks out as these Mystery Hubby "duds" and "studs" are revealed! This game is available in both printable and shipped versions.

  • Pin the "Manhood" on the Man Game!
    Hubba! Hubba! This giggle-inducing game will get the party started! Blindfolded players attempt to pin the "manhood" on the man. A little racy and a lot of fun! This is a printable print & play now game.


More Bridal Shower Games:
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  • Fun Bridal Shower Games
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  • Couple Wedding Shower Games
    Jack and Jill never had so much fun! Shower games designed to please both sexes. Can he name that spice? Can she name that tool? Hilarious bridal shower games!

  • Bridal Shower Games & Ideas
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  • Bridal Shower Trivia
    What is the average age of most brides? What famous bride was married eight times? A variety of shower games for players of all ages!
  • Bridal Shower Bingo
    A bridal twist on this crowd-pleasing game! An entertaining bridal shower game that ends with a "BINGO" yell!
  • Bridal Shower Games - Printable
    Printable bridal shower games. Immediate access to your shower game order. No waiting! Print it and play it now!

  • Bridal Shower Games - Shipped
    Choose your games, order, done! Bridal shower planning made easy. These items come right to your door for stress-free bridal shower planning!


Bridal Shower Tips:

Traditional Bridal Shower Games and Shower Ideas:

Do You Know the Groom?
Have the host find out things about the groom such as favorite food, favorite place, etc. Then quiz the bride-to-be at the shower to see how many questions she can answer correctly!

Pass the Box Shower Game
This game makes people really nervous but in the end is really nice. Place something small and nice to wear in a box (corsage, necklace, pin, etc.). Pass the box around while music is playing and tell everyone that whoever has the box when the music stops must wear what is inside the box! Everyone assumes it is lingerie but at the end of the "long" song, it's a big relief to all!

What She Said on Her Wedding Night
Have someone write down the phrases that the bride to be says when she opens the gifts. Then after the gifts are opened say, "here is what she will say on her wedding night". Read the phrases back and some will be hilarious!

The Purse Game
Have players get in groups of 4 with their purses. Give them a list of items with a score next to each. Players to and find each object in their purse. High score wins. It's amazing that some people actually have rocks, tea bags, buttons, in their purses!

Don't Cross Your Legs
Have each guest wear a safety pin on her shirt. If a player catches someone crossing her legs, she gets her pin. Person with most pins at end of party wins. This shower games always gets laughs!

Pins in Rice
Have a bowl of rice with tiny safety pins in it. See how many pins each guest can find within a given amount of time. Sounds easy but it's not! A perfect bridal shower game for a crowd!

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